• What is the difference between the pitches CONFORT, CONFORT PLUS, MASTER, MASTER MASTER L and XL??
    The camping offers 5 types of pitches, all with electricity, 10 A.:


70-75 m2,located in areas 2, 3 and F.


90 m2, located in areas P and PP.


85 m2, located in areas 5 and 6 and with water supply and drainage.


100 m2, located in area N and with water supply and drainage.


120 m2, located in area O and with water supply and drainage.

* Illustrative average area.

  • Do the pitches have shade?
    Most of the pitches do have shade, especially those of type Confort.
  • What does the pitch price include?
    The pitch price includes: 1 vehicle + 1 electricity connection + 1 camping unit (tent, caravan or motorhome). You are not allowed to put 2 vehicles and/or 2 camping elements on the same pitch without prior notification to reception. The price per pitch does not change if you do not use the electrical power supply.
  • Until what time can I stay on the pitch?
    Guests may stay on their pitches from 12 midday on the day of arrival until 12 midday on the day of departure.
  • How many people can stay on a same pitch?
    Each pitch is intended for one family (parents and children). A maximum of 6 people can stay on one pitch.